Dairy AdvanCE


What is my username and password, if I've not logged in before?

If logging in for the first time, we invite you to "Get Started" first. This will ensure your account is safe and secure. Be sure to record and save your user name and password for future logins. However, if you forget or need help, please email or call 800-947-7379.

I have a Dairy AdvanCE account, but cannot remember my password/username.

You can automatically reset your password yourself directly online, if needed, by entering your username or email address.  Or, feel free to call 800-947-7379 for assistance.  If you cannot remember your username, try your email address, or call 800-947-7379 for assistance.

Can my Dairy AdvanCE Continuing Education Credits be sent to me?

The Dairy AdvanCE system is completely online – viewing the clearinghouse of training offerings, tracking and managing the CEs, and the reporting of your CEs on your transcript.  We do not tangibly send your CEs to you, but rather secure them and house them on your private, secure Dairy AdvanCE account.

Does the trial subscription end automatically and/or renew automatically?

The trial period does end automatically and there is no auto-renewal feature available.  No credit card payment information is asked until you renew, following your trial period.

Will I lose my credits if my subscription lapses?

If your subscription lapses, your account will be held inactive.  You will not lose your CEs.  Rather, you just won' t be able to access, manage or report till you renew your subscription and re-enter your private, secure Dairy AdvanCE account.

Can I find trainings and secure CE's that have happened in the past?

If your training was pre-accredited with Dairy AdvanCE, yes, you can find and secure CEs from past trainings. From your Dairy AdvanCE account, click "Find Trainings>Past Trainings" and review the full listing to secure your credits. Upon review from your training provider, your credits will be released and visible on your private, secure Dairy AdvanCE account.

What if a training that I attended or will be attending in the future is not listed in the clearninghouse?

Contact us right away through the "Submit a Training" form or call 800-947-7379.  If time permits before the training start date, we will work with the training provider to review and potentially approve the training for CE credits.  If accredited, you'll be able to see the training in "Future Trainings" before the start date, in "Past Trainings" after the end date, and will be able to collect and secure your earned CEs.  If the training start date has past, the training cannot be accredited.

What are the CEs for and what is the value in tracking my CEs?

There are many scenarios in which farmers can value from tracking their continuing education.

  • Time of crisis (messaging that you and your team have continuing education)
  • Expanding/Transitioning (increases credibility to lender)
  • Policy/permitting (increases credibility with DNR and other conservation groups)
  • Insurance quotes or on-farm accident (showcases continuous improvement and safety are high priority)
  • HR management (allows you to track and review your employees past and future trainings through shared access feature)

The list could go on and on. Here are the thoughts from some of your peers and industry allies.

What do I use my Subscriber Number for?

This is a very important number – releases your CEs to your account.  When attending Dairy AdvanCE accredited trainings, you will be asked by the training provider to complete an "Attendance Sheet," which validates your attendance, breakout sessions, and CE allocation total.  You will be asked to write your subscriber number on this Attendance Sheet so that the training provider can identify you from others with the same name, and assign your CEs directly into your account accurately. If you cannot recall your subscriber number, log-in to DairyAdvance.org, click "Profile>My Subscription"

What if I cannot remember my Subscriber Number?

You can log-in to DairyAdvance.org, click on "Profile>My Subscription" and your Subscriber number will be listed.