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Dairy AdvanCE - the nation's go-to resource for continuing education in dairy. This intuitive online management tool simplifies finding, tracking and managing high-quality trainings and continuing education (CEs) relevant to your professional needs and at the high standard you deserve.

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Why is Earning & Tracking Continuing Education (CEs) Important?

Take control of your professional development. Increase efficiencies and challenge yourself with accredited trainings from 3rd party education providers, which provide you CEs with each training you complete. All accredited trainings are vetted through a rigorous application-based process to ensure listed trainings are top quality, robust in content and matched with expert instructors.

Be proactive and prepared. Demonstrate your dairy businesses' dedication to animal care, natural and human resources, business and financial management, and beyond. Tracking and managing your continuous improvement positions your business for success.

Prove your value as a dairy professional and community leader. Need a permit from the town or county board?  A loan from your local bank?  Good-will in time of crisis? Strengthen your position by showcasing your official transcript as part of your business plan.

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View FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Dairy AdvanCE for?

Dairy AdvanCE is open to the public - if you consider yourself professional farmers or industry professionals, then a Dairy AdvanCE subscription is for you. 

  • Dairy farms, including owners, managers, and on-farm team members
  • Allied dairy industry, academia and scientists whom support and serve the dairy industry
  • Elected officials, legal and/or public service professionals that serve the dairy industry
  • Food system professionals in dairy processing, cheese making, distribution, marketers or corporate management in food brands throughout the value chain
  • Post-college or -high school students and new-to-the-industry professionals, looking to grow their skills

Dairy AdvanCE will meet you and your dairy team "where they're at" and offer a myriad of trainings at various levels of advancement.

How does a Dairy AdvanCE Professional Subscription work?

Dairy AdvanCE provides a comprehensive listing of robust peer-reviewed trainings to advance your business position. Subscribe today to start earning, tracking and reporting your continuing education (CEs):

Find accredited trainings
from trusted 3rd party education providers
Find Trainings
Track continuing education units
(CEUs) on a mobile-friendly dashboard
Manage and report CEUs
with an official transcript

Through the vetting process, accredited trainings will be allocated 1 CEU per 1 hour of academic instruction. Subscribers will be able to receive Dairy AdvanCE CEUs, and track and manage their upcoming trainings and completed trainings directly from their dashboard.

Please note: Dairy AdvanCE continuing education credits are not transferable to other degree programs.

How much does an Allied Industry Subscription cost?

With an all-inclusive vision, Dairy AdvanCE is open to the public.

  • Farmer & Student Subscription: Free
  • Other Professional Subscription: $75.00/lifetime
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Who are Dairy AdvanCE Education Providers?

Trusted education providers are comprised of:

  • University administrators and professors
  • Education-based trade associations
  • Expert dairy consultants
  • Professional development coaches
  • Other industry-related training providers

We seek education providers offering top-quality, rigorous trainings in one or more of the nine key topic areas: Agronomy, Animal Care, Business, Communications, Environmental Stewardship, Finance, Food Safety & Quality, Human Resources, Leadership. 

Dairy AdvanCE will review, approve and accreditate individual training applications.  Once accredited, Professional Subscribers will be able to view the training and respective continuing education units (CEUs) allocated (i.e. 1 hour of academic instruction will result in 1 Dairy AdvanCE CEU.)

If you have interest in more information on how to be considered for education provider status, contact us or create an account and begin submitting your training applications today.

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